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July 2015 Syndal Baptist Church Visit to Kenya

What Happens at Dagoretti Corner?

Elyon Christian Mission, led by Pastors William and Grace Eyika from Dagoretti Corner Baptist Church, runs a range of programs to help the poor, refugees, AIDS victims and other needy people. The median age of all people living in Kenya is 18.8 years, making it one of the youngest countries in the world, so there are large numbers of children. The key activities of Elyon Christian Mission relate to education of children and youth, including primary and secondary school education and vocational training.

Purposes of Trip:

  • To meet, make friends with, encourage, and learn from some young people who are living in poverty in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa.
  • To learn from African teachers about African culture, African Christianity, and African perceptions of our own culture.
  • To learn how to evaluate cultural differences and identify weaknesses in our own cultural practices and worldview.
  • To have an intensive cross-cultural short-term mission experience.
  • To serve the poor and provide as much help and love as we can during the short period of time that we are with them.
  • To help strengthen the long term relationships between Elyon Christian Mission and its Australian partners.

Who Can Come:

This trip is open to anybody who has an interest in working with African children and teens. If you in Year 9 or above but under the age of 18, you will need written parental consent. If you are in Year 8 or below, you must be accompanied by at least one parent. You do not have to be a Christian, but you will be expected to take part in our daily Bible study sessions and team times which will include prayer. The number of participants aged under 18 may be limited to ensure an adequate ratio of adults-to-under-18s. The core team will come from Syndal Baptist Church, but people from anywhere in Australia are welcome to apply to join the team. We reserve the right not to accept any applications for any reasons including anticipated incompatibility with other team members. We may also have to reject applications if the total number of applicants exceeds our maximum team size.

Draft Itinerary

Sun 28/6 Leave Melbourne
Mon 29/6 Arrive Nairobi, check in to guest house
Tues 30/6 Early morning devotional at Elyon High School; one-to-one meetings with students; discussion of observations
Wed 1/7 Rural/village visit; discuss African heritage
Thurs 2/7 Cemetery visit; discuss death and rituals
Fri 3/7 Visit Jomo Kenyatta statue, colonial museum, Uhuru Park; discuss African politics
Sat 4/7 Kenya vs Australia You’ve Got Talent competition / battle of bands / drama / dance event for youth
Sun 5/7 Sunday School and Worship Service at Dagoretti Corner Baptist Church; discussion of worship practices
Mon 6/7 Visit giraffe park and elephant orphanage
Tues 7/7 Sports day with Elyon High School; soccer; volleyball; bike races
Wed 8/7 Depart Nairobi for home
Thurs 9/7 In air
Fri 10/7 Arrive back in Melbourne

Anticipated cost:

$4,000 (includes airfares, accommodation, food, insurance, visa, transport and contribution to Elyon Christian Mission but excludes injections, passports, souvenirs and personal expenses).

Culture Shock and Team Dynamics

It is quite normal for visitors to the slum areas of Nairobi to experience some degree of culture shock. We do our best to work through this as we go, and team dynamics form a very important part or this. Team members should be aware in advance that they may see some distressing situations.


All participants will be required to participate in a number of training and team-building sessions, which will be conducted in Melbourne in the months leading up to the trip.

Safety Considerations

There is some risk of terrorist activity in Kenya. The Al-Shabaab terrorist group has engaged in sporadic terrorist attacks in the country over the past 4 years, including the high-profile attack on the Westgate Shopping Mall in September 2013. Terrorist activity since mid-2014 has been limited to remote areas of the country, but we will be monitoring the situation and, as far as possible, staying away from dangerous situations.

Intending team members should be aware of the dangers of travel to and around East Africa. In addition to the terrorist risks outlined above, there are health risks associated with numerous diseases prevalent in the slums including AIDS, TB, cholera, typhoid and influenza, risks associated with travelling in and around East Africa including high incidence of road accidents, and risks associated with sporadic crime and violence in Nairobi including muggings and car-jackings.

In order to minimise risks, we will be staying in modest accommodation, travelling in a group, and minimising the amount of waiting in public places and catching public transport.

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